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Massage Therapist, Yacht Stewardess, Weleda Skin & Welbeing Advisor
Rebecca is Swedish and grew up in Stockholm. As a child she kept herself active with gymnastics, dancing and playing floor ball, a type of indoor hockey. Family holidays driving throughout Europe gave her a taste for traveling, which she has spent the last few years doing and where she met her partner from Kent and has now settled in Tenterden, loving the healthy lifestyle of being in the British countryside. Rebecca graduated in 2010 from Stockholm University with a degree in Cultural History. She then moved to an anthroposophical countryside village working with artists and found herself inspired by holistic treatments and biodynamic farming. Noticing how people lived in harmony with nature she wanted to become a holistic therapist one day. Rebecca trained as a military field medic in the north of Sweden and worked as a carer in her early career developing a deeper understanding of ageing, living with illness and injuries and went on to complete her studies in anatomy, physiology and massage therapy at Axelsons Gymnastic institute in Sweden 2017. She has since then taken on training in various massage techniques and beauty treatments. Rebecca has treated numerous clients with pains and injuries as well as massage for relaxation. Since qualifying she has treated clients in various locations, such as ski resorts, onboard luxury yachts, at Spa’s and offices. Rebecca is offering massage services either as a therapeutic treatment aimed for specific needs or a relaxing/de-stressing massage. She is also a Weleda Wellbeing Advisor and uses their skin products in her treatments. Rebecca is fully qualified and insured with Balens Ltd.


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  • Massage Therapist
    Period: 2017-2019
    Massage Therapist during a ski holiday in Les Arcs Paradiski area. Back, neck & shoulder massage at offices in Stockholm. Masseuse on private yachts for owner, captains and crew. Massage treatments at a countryside hotel & spa in Kent, England.
  • Yacht Stewardess
    Period: 2014-2018
    France/Monaco/Italy/Spain. Seasonal and temporary positions as a stewardess in the yachting industry. Interior maintenance, housekeeping, laundry and meal/beverage service. Inventory controls, provisioning, galley assistance.
  • Photographer
    Period: 2013-2015
    Stockholm, Sweden. School photographer two fall seasons. Photo Studio Set up/Layouts - All ages school groups/portraits, instruction, photography. Various freelance interior photography.
  • PA
    Period: 2011-2014
    Stockholm, Sweden. Administrative assistant to managers. Accounting assistant: bookkeeping, invoicing, email, customer service 2013-2014. Secretary/artist hostess, crowd management, runner, sales 2011-2012. Project assistant: Reception Management, Phone support, staff scheduling, Art transport organizer, curator assistant 2011.
  • Museum educator/guide
    Period: 2012-2013
    Museum tour guide, Swedish cultural history, military history, crowd management, cultural object security guard, historical costumes worn.
  • Nursing assistant
    Period: 2008-2010
    Stockholm, Sweden. Disabled peoples caregiver, housekeeping, detailing, administrating medication, private homes/nursing homes.
  • Salesperson/cashier
    Period: 2000-2007
    Stockholm, Sweden. Coop: Food handling, presentation, cashier 2000-2006. Granit interior shop: Visual merchandising, marketing, counter sales, customer service, gift wrapping 2006-2007.



Licenses and certificates

Swedish Massage & Massage Therapy Diploma, Axelsons Gymnastic Institute, Gothenburg, Sweden, January 2017
Hot & Cold Stone Massage & Indian Head Massage Diploma, Beauty Barn Training Academy, UK, January, 2018
Cupping, Axelsons Gymnastic Institute, Gothenburg, Sweden, March 2018
Spa Treatment Diploma, Body wraps, Body brushing, Exfoliation Gatway Workshops May 2018
Luxury Facials, Luxury Manicure & Pedicure, UV/LED Gel nail polish Diplomas, UK Beauty school May 2018
STCW 95 Basic Safety Training + PSA Security awareness, May 2th 2014, at Blue Water, Antibes.
Stewardess training, 10 day course with Swedish Yacht Crew School, April 18th 2014
Food Hygiene and Safety Certificate, High Speed Training, UK, July 19th 2015
Barista course, 1 day course with Sweden Coffee School, September 3th 2014
ENG1, medical certificate for seafarers, valid until March 5th 2020
B1/B2 Visa, valid until November 24th 2024
Seaman’s book, valid until August 15th 2024
Full Clean Driver license

University 2007-2010, 2012

Business economy, marketing, organizing, Blekinge Institute of Technology, 2012
Ethnology, project management and curating, Bachelor of Arts, Stockholm University 2007-2010
Photography, at Sigtuna folkhögskola, 2009

Military service 2003-2004

10 months of military training as a Field Medic, F21 Swedish Air Forces, Luleå, 2003- 2004

Including medical studies as well as practical – studying physiology and anatomy. Sterilisation of equipment, cleaning wounds, injections, giving medicine and assisting ambulance drivers.

Senior high school 2000-2003

The Business and Administration Programme, KfS Gymnasium, Stockholm, 2000-2003


+44 (0)748 436 06 47, +46 (0)73 580 45 56