Early Autumn Retreat

September  2014 / 7 Comments Off on Early Autumn Retreat

A few days with nature and silence

As part of my intention on living more in tune with the yearly seasons, the daily rhythms and my monthly feminine cycle, I have come to prioritize taking time to retreat. I no longer need to convince myself that being busy, active and outgoing is the only way to be happy and successful. I am truly and forever grateful for the time I spent in Bali earlier this year, and how I finally come to realize the need of balance between activity and rest. It’s easy to say but sometimes difficult to practice. And I’m not talking about chilling out on the sofa or surfing around on Internet. I’m talking about deep soulful rest with no distraction and filling up the mind with external stimulis.

Without rest we can’t work. Without connecting deeply to our inner beings – there’s no real us. The benefits on taking a day off or two, is that we can really recharge, restore and connect with our inner gut feeling and make sure we’re going in our right directions.

So what I did was to stay in my friend Sara’s home for three days on my own, by creating the retreat as the days went on. After an intense summer, travels and social activities it was time to digest the season and embrace the upcoming autumn with its shifting and unsettled qualities. And to re-connect with my spirit, make plans, visualize, meditate, do yoga, take forest walks, eat nurturing food, sleep, take naps, spend time in silence, journaling, watching some inspiring movies on fmtv and to just be. With me.

And I love it. At first it’s easy to feel withdrawal symtoms while “checking out”, and having a digital sabbath (not completely this time as I was watching documentaries online), but after a while it feels really great. And there’s a chance for deeper thoughts and truths to come up. That’s why I love and enjoy the silence that comes from within.

After spending more than half of 2014 abroad (while traveling and working at sea), this retreat also connected me with my Swedish roots again – by picking blueberries, enjoying the fresh forest air, going on barefoot walks and hugging some trees. It was a beautiful way to land softly into a new season and to prepare for my upcoming adventures (that would include a bunch of saunas and cold skinny dipping with my dear friend Sara). Feeling fresh and energized I ended the retreat with some red wine and talking a lot. Because after all – there’s got a be a balance. 🙂


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