My Birthday Celebration

April  2014 / 7 Comments Off on My Birthday Celebration

Turning 30 with a touch of Bali

As the trip to Bali was a celebration in itself of my 30th year I kept prolonging it – by flying back to Sweden experiencing the time differences on my birthday. I wanted to keep the feeling of Bali with me and to share this beautiful trip and memories with friends and family. So I invited them all to my “borrowed living room” – at Larry’s Corner (on Södermalm in Stockholm), for a birthday celebration with a “Touch of Bali”.

Arriving Stockholm (in early spring), I came home for a temporary three-week stay, to celebrate my birthday, enrolling in a stewardess course and re-pack my bags for a new adventure in the French Riviera. I came home to go right into preparing some Balinese food, print photos, clean and decorate the room and cook all the food together with my mother (who kindly pre-bought all the ingredients I’ve requested), and grandma who I haven’t seen in a while. Happy to connect with my roots again and to experience the powerful women I’ve grown up with.

Woke up to a sunny Sunday and had a lovely birthday gathering. Played Balinese gamelan music in the background, lighted some incense, and placed Balinese offering baskets outside the entrance, (for good spirits) and received my guests in a traditional Balinese temple costume. It was great and turned out just the way I wanted – easy, relaxed and joyful with lots of food, music and laughter. It was a way for me to share and give my experience of Bali in an artistic and fun way – through photos, decoration, gamelan music and Balinese food. As a smaller exhibition and a way for me to express myself and tell stories.

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