Skiing in Les Arcs

February  2015 / 15 Comments Off on Skiing in Les Arcs

What a beautiful experience to really dive into the rest and laziness of the winter, dedicating an entire month in the amazing ski resort Les Arcs, in France. My lovely partner invited me to spend a winter holiday together in his cozy winter getaway. We went skiing and did snow walking in the forest, watched movies, had lay-ins and kept ourselves warm with red wine, hot chocolate, bubble baths, saunas and lots of yummy homemade curries. 🙂

I’m so grateful for this opportunity to fully embody the winter’s rest by taking the days as they came, following the flow and my inspiration. Resting is so essential for our wellbeing and I’m getting more and more convinced I’d like to live in tune with the yearly seasons. To fully embrace the quality, texture and rhythm on each season.

Thank you Paul for an amazing month of winter, love and fresh air. I enjoyed waking up next to you, making breakfast while listening to the weather forecast and viewing the Mont Blanc from your windows.

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