Stewardess training

April  2014 / 20 Comments Off on Stewardess training

After celebrating my 30th birthday I went straight into a 10 days interior training with Swedish Yacht Crew School – as a preparation for a career as a Stewardess. It was fun, exciting and a good training before taking off to Côte d’Azur – and the job hunting at the French Riviera.

With Swedish Yacht Crew School I learned more about the Stewardess position and the organization and work onboard, as with the structures and duties of a stewardess. The owner/teacher Malin Linder kindly shared her own experience from the yachting industry with great enthusiasm and inspiration. She prepared us mentally and practically for all kinds of situations we might face in the work as a stewardess.

During the course we practiced interior work as housekeeping, cleaning hotel rooms and ironing. We practiced setting the tables, folding napkins, toilet paper and towels, we arranged flower decorations and talked a lot about first class service and how to treat guests. We also went through the structure and drawings of a yacht, talked about yacht terms, morale and ethics and practiced rope tying. By the time it was time to finish the course we had the opportunity to waitress at two funeral servings and to examine with a written test and a personal feedback talk. I’m happy and content with the training through Swedish Yacht Crew School and looking forward to meet the spring at the French Riviera.

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